“I think that this second festival showed considerable development and consolidation on the first. While having a substantial international aspect to its performances, it was a more characteristically Slovak event, and gave a wider view of Slovak music and dance (which is the international delegates’ main reason for coming) It moved away from the legacy of the percussion festival into a more balanced bill of performers for both local audience and visitors from abroad to enjoy. The conference was much more substantial; the first day was a very useful introduction to Slovak music, and the second a useful window for Slovak musicians and others on taking music to an international audience and market. The simultaneous translation made all of the conference accessible to all Slovak and English speakers. (Many thanks to the hard-worked interpreter!) The group of invited delegates from abroad were well-chosen and were well looked after, given a good experience well-filled including special events and visits. It was particularly good to take us to the dance-house night, which delegates found impressive for the youth, and the large number, of the dancers.”

Andrew Cronshaw (GB), Music journalist (fRoots Magazine), musician (SANS ensemble) and photographer


“I got to witness Bratislava World Music Festival on its second edition, and was interested to see how the local music scene worked together to make it happen. The festival was a combination of international world music event and local showcase which made it interesting and worth while for a foreign delegate. Other activities like workshops, tram gigs, and such complimented the whole festival. It was really nice and compact programming which allowed to experience it all.”

Minna Huuskonen (FIN), international managment and booking, Helsinki festival 


“The Bratislava World Music Festival was an eye-opening introduction to Slovakia’s wealth of musical traditions, from folk to contemporary sounds. This young festival has the potential to become one of the gems of the Central European music circuit. Don’t miss it!”

Tom Pryor (USA), Freelance journalist and media consultant