Archive 2016


Friday (9th September 2016)

Hlavné námestie/Main Square

free entry

18:30 Official Opening
18:30 Children stage: Earth Pulsing/Eddy Portella
18:35 Trojka Zuzky Homolovej
19:35 Rusín Čendeš Orchestra
21:00 Balkansambel

Mestská knižnica/Klariská street

conference with registration

16:00 Public Duscussion: The Art of Living - Science, religion and art in today´s world

Véčko/Square Nám. SNP

free entry

16:00 Drumcircle for all (Rytmika La3noCubano: Zvuky cez Ruky)
17:00 Dance workshop of Slovak folk dances - Folky-Polky with Stano Marišler (SĽUK)


Saturday (10th September 2016)

Hlavné námestie/Main Square

free entry

10:00 World with Reach: Drum Show Maribondo
  Brasil Show Abadá Capoeira
  Connection project, Dance performane, Etnodance studio
16:20 Mojše Band
17:20 La3no Cubano

Club Atelier Babylon/Kolárova Street 3

Gala Concert
entry - presale 10€, on the spot 15€

19:00 Kevin Seddiki and Bijan Chemirani (FR)
20:00 Zohar Fresco and Christos Barbas (IZR, GR)
21:20 Corcovado Salsa Club (PE, GT, CU, MX, AT)
22:20 Muzička (SK)

Hviezdoslavovo Square/Pavillon

free entry

15:00 World Music for Children/La Portella show

Véčko/Square Nám. SNP

free entry

10:00 Children stage: History of rhythm/Eddy Portella
11:00 Baby Balance
15:00 Dance workshop - Indian dances for beginners (Etnodance studio)
16:00 Dance workshop - Roma dances for beginners (Zorka Moncoľová)

KC Dunaj/Nedbalova Street 3

reduced fare for the Festival visitors with armband

Mestská knižnica/Klariská street

conference with registration

Zichyho palác

15:00 Solamente Naturali


Other events
Thursday (8th Semptember 2016)

Kafe Scherz

entry 7€




The conference is a place to meet and share ideas on world music and extensive foreign contacts with the renowned experts.

All events of the conference are open to the general public, preferable music professionals (musicians, agents, PR managers, music researchers, students, etc.). The conference will be held at Mestská knižnica, Klariska street, Bratislava. As the number of the participants is limited, it is appreciated to register for the seminar/workshops in advance.


Friday from 10:00 (9th September 2016)
Slovakia and World Music

The first edition will focus on an overview of the distinctive features of Slovak world music – from music categorization, through traditional folk music heritage and living Roma music to actual music scene in Slovakia.

Ľubica Zajacová Záborská (SK)

World Music – the term, music category or phenomenon?

The music, classified as world music often has a diverse character. It is promoted as an attractive article, and a modern music brand. How can we access world music and how it is perceived by musicians, experts, journalists and audience?

Ľubica Zajacová Záborská

Musicologist; she graduated at the Department of Musicology at Comenius University in Bratislava. As a result of her Ph.D. studies the book-The Slovak scene of World Music,was published in 2009.

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Eva Ryšavá (SK)

Slovak music traditions in UNESCO

The article will introduce three elements from slovak music tradition inscribed on the Representative List of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity: Fujara – the music instrument and its music;, The music of Terchová; Bagpipe culture. In addition article presents another important phenomen which apply for inscription this year – Multipart singing in Horehronie.

Eva Ryšavá - Centrum pre Tradičnú Ľudovú kultúru (

Graduated in 2006 at the Department of Ethnology and Ethnomusicology in Nitra. Since 2011 is working in Slovak Intangible Cultural Heritage Centre, where participate on projects of documenting, storing, digitalizating and processing the elements of traditional culture, and also coordinates the process of filling the Representative Lists of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Slovakia.

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Jana Belišová (SK)

Stories in Songs, Songs in Stories

Music and songs of Slovak Roma people are closely connected with their life, mainly in isolated or segregated Roma communities. Songs with lament lyrics play in the repertoire of Slovak Roma an important role. Whether it is in the old layer of songs entitled phurikane giľa or in the new layer neve giľa. Singing of lament songs of the old layer was often connected with memories of sad or tragic events in the lives of interprets and singers and listeners experienced strong emotions during these opportunities. One of their main functions is catharsis. The singing is often connected with weeping, which enables one to release sorrow and tension. In order to record the whole background, the audiovisual documentation allows to capture the lives and environments of the singers, the stories and emotions that accompany interpretation of these songs.

Jana Belišová - Žudro, o.z. (

Completed ethnology and musicology at the Faculty of Arts of Comenius University. She works in the Institute of Musicology of the SAS and in CA Zudro. She is author and researcher involved in several projects dealing with Roma music. Outputs of the projects Phurikane giľa (Ancient Roma Songs), Neve giľa (New Roma Songs),  AfterPhurikane (connection of Roma and non-Roma musicians) are anthologies of songs, CDs, DVDs, documentaries and concerts.

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Jarmila Vlčková (SK)

The Slovak World Music Scene

The up-to- date overview with a video presentation.

Jarmila Vlčková - AMITY o.z./Shiraz (

The organizer of the ethnic and world music events, co-founded the international Percussion Festival - World of the Drums in 2011 and a Civic Association AMITY in 2012. She has participated in establishing the first common platform, WORLD MUSIC FROM SLOVAKIA that aims to support talented musicians of world music in Slovakia, integrate Slovak music into the European scene and engage Slovakia in international cooperation of the global world music community. Founder of the WORLD MUSIC FESTIVAL BRATISLAVA.

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Saturday from 10:00 (10th September 2016)
The Seminars about PR strategies,
Marketing and Presentation of Musicians

The experienced foreign professionals representing festivals, agencies and successfull bands accepted our invitation to share their knowledge and wit in presentations, workshops and panel sessions.

András Lelkes (HU)

What has WOMEX 15 given to the musicians of Central Europe?

WOMEX 15, Budapest has been an important milestone in presenting the musical treasures of Central Europe to the world. What is WOMEX, why is it important and what are the results of this event? Given its relevance, how can you best present yourself on this important trade fair? And how should(n't) you do WOMEX?

András Lelkes (

Folk musician, record producer and co-founder of Hangvető, one of the major ethno, folk, world music labels of Hungary. Before producing the Anthology he produced an extensive series of field recordings. Producer of the WOMEX Opening Concert in 2011.

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Jan Słowiński (PL)

Muzykanci - The succes story of the East European Band on the International scene

Some empirical experiences and practical advices from the founder of the successful and popular band Muzykanci.

Jan Słowiński

Musician, member of the band Muzykanci and the director of the ETNOKRAKOW/Crossroads, an international forum of world music, folk, ethno, ethnojazz, roots and traditional music.

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Riitta Huttunen (FIN)

Exporting roots music - lessons from Finland.

How can music export offices, labels and musicians support the traditional music sales? Is exporting music a possibility or only wasting money and time? The new demand in innovative forms of funding like start-ups, music incubators, PR and marketing –a burden or new opportunity for enterprising artists? The article will present some random thoughts about exporting music for musicians and other music industry professionals.

Riitta Huttunen (

Freelance producer and booking agent (Maria Kalaniemi & Vilda Rosor, Sväng and more). Huttunen has worked in several associations in Finland; Kantele Association, Finnish Folk Music Association and latest Finnish Music Export office, Music Finland.

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Araceli Tzigane (E)

Transglobal World Music Chart

What is the aim of the chart and how can the musicians and bands benefit from the participation and album submissions?

Araceli Tzigane (

From 2007 she directs Mapamundi Música, agency. She is also co-director of the radio initiative Mundofonías, founder member of the Transglobal World Music Chart.

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Andrew Cronshaw (GB) – Musician and music jourmalist (fRoots Magazine)
Bogdan Benigar (SLO) – Artistic director of world music and jazz at Cankarjev dom, director od the Jazz festival Ljubljana and Artisitc director of the festival Druga godba
Zlata Holušová (CZ) – Festival Director of Colours of Ostrava
Jirka Moravčík (CZ) – Music journalist and expert on Czech world music
Petr Dorůžka (CZ) – Music journalist and internationally respected world music expert, he regularly writes for the magazines Rock & Pop and UNI
Carlos Fereira (P) – Director of the CBFwebRADIO
Joanna Slowinski (PL) – Musician (Muzykanci)
Julia Palmu (FIN) – Booking agent


Joseph Grim Feinberg (USA, CZ) – Folklorist and social theorist. Wrote his doctoral dissertation (soon to be published as a book) on the concepts of authenticity and the folk in contemporary Slovak folklore performance. Has also written on folk tales from the Solomon Islands and on international labor lore. Currently a research fellow at the Sociology Institute of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and the Philosophy Institute of the Czech Academy of Sciences.